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The Blowtherms range of vehicle spray booths and preparation stations

Preparation Stations

Preparation StationsToday, Preparation Stations are becoming more and more popular, especially with the trend toward “Smart” repairs. Prep Stations allow the repair, priming, sanding and even painting of small repairs to be carried out in one area without the need to move the vehicle. This makes for faster and more profitable repairs.

Blowtherm Preparation Stations are available in a wide range of specifications sizes and configurations. They can be mounted on a floor, recessed into a pit or supplied with a steel basement. Extraction can be vertical through the floor or horizontal through filter panels to the rear. They are available with or without a plenum with lighting. Curtains can be manual or electric, on all sides or any specified number.

The equipment can be located on either side to the rear or overhead, and the ventilation units can provide heated air if required – The choices are endless.

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